Thursday, May 4, 2017

It Needed a Little Something

We popped into one of the local charity shops the other day. We've been keeping our eyes open for a small table to put at one end of one of the couches--big enough to hold a mug of coffee or tea and a book or some stitching supplies, but not so big that it would be in the way. They had a perfect wee black table, so we bought it. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would need a little something and that this would be a good excuse to make some lace, so I considered colours. I decided to do another one in Donegal colours, which are perfect against the black table.
I used a chart from my Pineapple Lace book, but changed a few things. I did not do all the rounds on the chart, but stopped a few rounds beyond the end of the pineapples and did a simple improv border in the green thread. I have plenty more green and there's a fair bit of yellow left on the ball, so the shelf underneath the tabletop might get some lace too. I will flip through my book later and see if anything calls out.

Happy Thursday!

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