Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Socks: Good Moving Project

I started these socks before we left our apartment, carefully placed them in a project bag to bring them to the house, and finished them on our second or third night here. Turns out they were a perfect project for this time. There was enough attention required to keep my interest, but not so much that I would lose my place when knitting while tired.

It was great to have the project to pick up and work on for a while in between tasks or at the end of a day while listening to the radio, a podcast, or an audiobook. The simple lace pattern on the top was a 4 round repeat, so I could do another repeat even if I had just a few minutes. I adapted it from my stitch dictionary to make it work in the round instead of flat and with the number of stitches I was working with.

After I finished this pair, I cast on another and finished the first one. Then I started feeling like I should switch techniques for a bit. I'd been making the same hand/wrist movements for a while as I made the socks, so it seemed like a good idea to move in different ways to avoid pain/injury. I started a crochet project, which is coming right along. Once I am done with that, I will cast on the second sock of the second pair.

As I type, they are outside putting up the orange, white, and green bunting along our street, in preparation for St Patrick's Day. My crochet project is in the Donegal colours of yellow and green, so I feel like I am in the spirit 😃


Halcyon said...

Are you on ravelry? There are tons of free knitting and crochet patterns on there. Sometimes too many! 😀

Shari Burke said...

Years ago I set up an account, but never did anything with it. I can see how easy it would be to get lost for hours there!! 😀

I rarely use patterns (with a few exceptions and even then I usually make changes-LOL). I use a lot of scraps and odd balls, charity shop finds, and bits that people give me (it is amazing how much yarn so many people have around and do not know what to do with), so I improv with what I have. I do enjoy flipping through the e-mags I download from the library--good for inspiration and ideas!

Halcyon said...

People also give me lots of yarn. I use some of it, but sometimes I pass it on to the charity shop. And I agree, most patterns need some adjusting, but I like having a place to start.
If you ever decide to rejoin, look me up. We can be ravelry friends. :)

Shari Burke said...

My account was still there, so I updated it. Not sure yet what I am doing--LOL--but I got a project up and found your page--beautiful work! Now to see if I use it this time :-)