Thursday, January 26, 2017

Recycled Gum and Sleep

These things are posted all over Sligo--at least on the routes we know best!
I have never used one, but I can see that they'd be useful. Gum here does not come in wrapped sticks, but in little rectangles that are unwrapped and coated with something. They remind me of Chiclets. So there is no foil wrapper to save to wrap the gum in when disposing of it. Gum is a big litter problem all over, but Sligo is the only place where I have seen these. Too bad someone decided it could double as an ashtray 😒

I'd been really, really missing sleep lately and last night, I hit the wall. We were planning to go to the library to hear some music--a guy was going to play some of his original music with the obligatory tea and biscuits afterwards. I was sitting on the bed in my brain fog and when I checked the time, it had already started. Probably just as well. I drank a couple of cups of coffee, crawled under the covers at 9 last night, fell asleep, and, with the exception of a few 10 minute intervals of wakefulness to get water or food today, kept right on sleeping until 3 this afternoon. I still feel a little weird, but I am hoping that this is a sign that I am on my way back to normal. I have not been able to do much of anything. I did a little knitting in the hotel the other night, but that's been the extent of any yarny things for many days. I have not been able to read--and the library books are piling up. Two more came in yesterday. I look longingly at the towering pile on my bedside locker and hope that I will be able to start on it soon.

It feels like it could be another early night tonight. Or maybe I will do what I usually do and get a second wind at around midnight!

Happy Thursday!

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