Saturday, January 28, 2017


I decided to make some pizza for supper tonight.
I used the bread maker to make the crust, which came out great.
I used a recipe from this book:
 I made some minor changes to the recipe. It calls for plain, unbleached bread flour (bread flour is called 'strong flour' here). It is always recommended that bread/strong flour be used for yeast bread in the bread machine because of the higher protein content, but this used to be a challenge for me. I never lived in a place where I could get whole grain bread flour, but I prefer to use whole grains in my cooking and baking. Such a thing may exist somewhere in the US--I am sure it must--but I never saw it in the grocery stores I was in. I learned to improv with regular whole grain flour, adding milk, mashed potatoes, potato water, or cheese, all of which seemed to help the dough rise better. It's different here though--strong wholemeal flour is readily available, even up here in the wee shops we have in town. In one of them, strong wholemeal flour is available, but strong white flour is not. So I got myself a bag of strong wholemeal flour and I use that, including for the pizza crust. The recipe called for 4 cups of strong white flour. I used 3 cups strong wholemeal flour and a cup of plain flour. I also added a bit of garlic, parsley, and oregano to the ingredients.

I made the larger batch so I'd have extra. I used half and wrapped the rest, sticking it in the fridge. Tomorrow I will use it to make calzones, I think.

Here's hoping that it's a fine weekend in your neck of the woods!


Aritha said...

Mjammie! Lekker (delcicious)

Shari Burke said...

Ja! ;-) It was lekker!