Friday, January 27, 2017

Not Quite Normal, But Getting There

Oh the wonders of sleep! After my marathon of sleep Wednesday night into yesterday afternoon, I felt better, if still a bit drained. I slept again last night, but did wake up at 4 this morning--not surprising given all the sleep I'd had in the previous 24 hours. I got up and did a little bit of knitting, which was great. I'd not been able to do much of that at all for over a week and I'd missed it. I have a small mindless project that I brought with me to Sligo and started in the hotel. I will finish that and then get back to a different project. That will require attention and counting, so I was not touching that these last couple of weeks! I knew that, given my lack of sleep and general feeling of tiredness, that I was likely to make a mistake that would result in having to rip back, so I just decided to leave it alone. Still, it was wonderful to have yarn in my hands again. 😂

The other thing I was not able to do these past couple of weeks was read. It was driving me nuts to have stacks of books all around the place and not be able to pick one up and get lost in it. Two more books came in at the library on Wednesday, some were due next Wednesday, and there I was, sitting there in my lumpish non-functional state.

This morning I renewed the books that could be renewed. I'd started Origins of Totalitarianism last week, but had to set it aside. It could not be renewed because someone else has a hold on it. That is the first priority--get it read so I can take it back next week when it is due. I have extra time for the rest of them, so as long as I can keep getting some rest, I should be done with them in plenty of time.

My eye is watering again today, but that is because I went out in the wind. I took a 45 minute power nap this morning before heading out to the library, where I helped someone begin a crocheted hat. She asked me about payment. I did not understand at first. She said every other time she goes to something like that, there is a charge--usually a fiver. I said there was no charge--it is a library thing. She asked if I was sure, what with the tea and biscuits and the lessons. I told her not to worry about it.

As we were chatting, she and another woman were commenting about the fact that I seemed like I had lived an exciting life. I said I wasn't sure about exciting, but it has been an interesting life and for a curious person like myself, that's about as good as it gets. 😃

After the library, we went to the shop. By the time we got home, my eye was dripping. As we neared the building, a guy came out of a nearby house and struck up a conversation, wondering where we are from and commenting on us living here now He introduced himself to us and we to him. He then proceeded to tell a story about his granny's sherry that he hid in a hole in the ground to age. He and his buddy dug it up one day and drank it. Granny wondered why he could not stand up. He laughed and laughed. Then he talked about lobster in Maine and salmon in Alaska.

Spent a couple of hours reading this afternoon and will read and knit more after supper. There should be a New York Times Book Review podcast to download--the new episode comes out on Friday. Those are nice to listen to while I am stitching.

Hope Friday is a good one in your neck of the woods. Hard to believe January is almost over already.

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