Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Green and Gold Lace

Before we went for our overnight stay in Sligo, I started a piece of lace that was on my project list. I wanted to make it in green and gold. The forest green thread was on a large-ish ball, so rather than guessing how much I'd need and winding it off, I just made the centre before I left and stuck it in my backpack with my hook and small ball of gold thread. It was a good compact project to bring and work on at night in our room, which I did--with some nice music, coffee, and chocolate. Crochet, coffee, and chocolate are a great combination. I did not finish it that night, but worked on it a little more over the past few days and got the last bit done this afternoon.

I love the forest green and gold combination.

This was adapted from a chart in this book:
The Japanese publishers do some great stuff when it comes to books for crochet, tatting, macrame/knotting, quilting, and other things. Many are translated into English, but they all use charts, and the text instructions are brief, so it really does not matter. I much prefer looking at a chart than a set of written instructions. As someone who seems incapable of following a pattern as written, the charts allow me to see at a glance what is going on, which makes adapting/changing that much easier and intuitive. Beyond that, I love just flipping through the book for inspiration or for a few minutes of peaceful happiness.

Hope this first day of November is wonderful in your world!

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