Friday, October 7, 2016

Feeling Functional on Friday--Phew!

Well, it took until midday today for my head to start clearing, but I am thankful that it did and I can be functional on this Friday after being pretty much out of it for almost all of yesterday with an allergy attack (mold)!
The pressure behind my eyes was causing me to be unable to keep them open for very long. I was thankful that there was not much pain, but looking at screens, reading, and light were a problem. Any kind of stitching that required counting or much attention was not happening--this is why I always keep a mindless project on hand. By last night I was at least able to crochet for a few minutes at a time. Then I would close my eyes and sit there listening to quiet music for a few minutes before crocheting a few more stitches. I did a few stitches with my eyes closed without making a mess, so that was good.

When I got up his morning I thought it would be more of the same, but after my second vat of coffee, things began to clear. I was able to read while I ate my lunch--yay!
I came across that book at the library last week and picked it up to look at--perfect for today--nice and big, large font, lays flat, and beautiful pictures.

We called in at the library this afternoon because we both had stuff in--3 books for me and a set of DVDs and a CD for Bill. He discovered a Tess Gerritson novel at the library last week, started it, liked it, found out there is a TV series, found it, requested it, and picked it up. Aren't libraries grand?

While there I found out that we have enough people to proceed with our knit/crochet group, so next Friday at 11:30 will be the kick-off.  I hope it proves to be useful and enjoyable for people, but I have learned to hold these things lightly. I approach most things with more of a sense of curiosity than attachment these days and I am curious to see how it all unfolds!

It is a lovely, rainy autumn day. I think I will make some chili mac and cheese for supper in a little while and then spend my evening reading, stitching, and listening to music. Thrilled that A Good Read is back on BBC Radio 4--will be listening to that at 11. I am just really grateful to be functioning once again--it is nice to be able to keep my eyes open!

Happy Friday!


DJL said...

I like that perspective: curiosity versus attachment. Wise words!
Glad to hear you are feeling better. I had a mystery migraine last week that I am pretty sure was allergies getting the better of me. I am sensitive to mold as well.
I started working at my local library and I swear the best moment of my life was when the director gave me my very own key and said I can come in to the library anytime, even when its closed, if I want to get something. That made me swoon! I'll be heading there tonight as I just finished Tana French's newest book and need something else to read.
BTW, have you watched the show "Home Fires"? It's based on that book Jambusters you reviewed. It's only been on for 2 seasons. I just finished the first season (only 6 episodes) and it was great! Such a coincidence that I "discovered" it only a few days after reading your post about the book. It's a small world.
Have a great week,

Shari Burke said...

oooh, the key to the library--excellent!! Bill, me and our daughter have all worked at libraries in different capacities and we are all heavy users. They are such wonderful places.

I found Jambusters because a friend of mine was telling me about Home Fires in an email she sent me. When I looked up that, I found out about the book so requested it. The library system has the DVDs so I might request them in the new year. I think they stopped production after the two seasons.

I hope you are feeling better now. When we lived in Niagara Falls for a few months the chemical pollution was so bad that I would have the worst migraines of my life there--I would spend days not functioning and not able to keep food down. I try to remind myself of that when I have a reaction now--it is not pleasant, but not as bad as it used to be!

Enjoy your next book!!