Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Colourful Grey Autumn Day

It's Tuesday and that means fruit and veg man was set up in Market Square. We strolled down there this morning and picked up some produce. The weather commentary indicated that the day is 'not bad at all' because 'at least it's not raining.' It is very grey, pretty windy, although not as much as yesterday and last night, and while it looks like the rain could start bucketing down at any moment, there is actually no rain in the forecast for a couple of weeks. I will assume that this will be considered 'not bad at all' by local folks until I am informed otherwise.

Even though the sky is grey there is still a lot of colour around. There is a stone planter on the corner of our building and the plant in there is flowering.
So pretty! Earlier this year I planted a small pot of nasturtiums at the back edge of the planter. We'd gone to an Earth Day thing in Market Square and the organizers had small pots, peat free compost (potting soil), and seeds. I planted nasturtium seeds and stuck the pot in the window. After a couple of weeks they germinated and then started growing like crazy. I had no bigger pot to transplant the flowers to so I planted them in the planter. They have done pretty well there and there are still a few blooms.

The flowers are not the only colourful things around. We were walking down Main Street today when a splash of colour in the window of one of our local charity shops caught my eye. 'Oooh,' I said. Bill laughed and in we went. I asked the lady who was minding the shop, 'How much are the yarn skeins in the window?' She was flustered and after she hemmed and hawed a little she said hesitatingly, 'Fifty cents for a, um...' 'Skein?' I helpfully replied. She nodded. 'I will take them all,' I told her. And I did.

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