Monday, September 26, 2016


A couple of weeks ago when Bill surprised me with several skeins of yarn, I saw that one of them was in a colourway called 'earthy.' Since it was close to the arrival of autumn at that point, I decided to use that one first, to celebrate. I knew I wanted it to be a scarf and I knew I wanted to knit it, so I grabbed my knitting stitch dictionary and looked through it. I did not want any busy lace or textured stitch patterns because the colour changes in the yarn would obscure anything like that. I decided on a stitch pattern that had just a bit of openwork and texture with eyelets and rows of reverse stockinette stitch. It was an 8 row pattern repeat that was easily memorized. It was not mindless but did not require extremely close attention either, so I could listen to the radio or podcasts while I was knitting. Appropriately enough, I finished the scarf with a hdc border and then hid the two ends while listening to a show on BBC Radio 4 that was a collection of poems about autumn.

It is just long enough to wrap around my neck and secure with a pin. I even have a small scrap ball left. This was a fun project and I love the end result. There is a gold thread wrap on this yarn and the colours are just beautiful. Hopefully soon it will be cool enough for me to wear it!

Happy Monday!

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