Monday, September 12, 2016

Doily and Doohickeys

After testing my cone of thread the other night, I was still in a thread kind of mood, so I moved on to a doily I'd been thinking about.
It is a small doily, measuring about 10 1/2 inches across. The pineapple section is made with some of the gold metallic thread that I have. I was thinking it would look nice with a candle on it over the holidays--the metallic threads would look nice in candlelight, I think. It is crocheted from a chart in my pineapple lace book, but I changed the last round to something I like better. I have used this chart before and I still like the simplicity of the design. I might make another one with forest green with gold.

After I finished that last night I turned my attention to a rock I'd picked up on Saturday as a possibility for my crocheted pineapple. I used another rock, so this one was free for something else.
The motif is a slight variation of one that I came across while flipping through my motif dictionary for inspiration.

This morning I played some more, using a couple more motifs from the dictionary, a smaller rock, and a piece of sea glass.

I've put my supplies away for now. If I work on something later on, it will either be my crocheted chenille poncho or the start of sock number two in the pair of wool/mohair winter socks I have in progress. I will see what I feel like doing later. For now I have a book I want to get back to--or maybe I will take a nap!

Hope your week has started off well! Happy Monday!

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