Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Life on the Rocks

When we lived in Ballinrobe, we often walked along the river walk. It was a beautiful walk through various kinds of landscapes. There were animals in the fields, a couple of small waterfalls, and lots of different plants. It was fun to see how things changed with the seasons.

Now we walk the shore walk a lot. The first time was when we visited here in early March. At that time, the beaches and large rocks were carpeted in green. As the months went by, that green gradually faded, the gorse and thrift burst into bloom, the wild daisies and fuchsias appeared, and the dandelions flourished. Now that summer is (slowly) coming closer to its end, we see changes once again--even the rocks are changing.

We see more life attaching itself to the rocks than we used to:

Things are turning green again too.

I am curious to see how autumn and winter will present themselves along the shore walk. There are many small shelters along the way. Bill and I are both looking forward to dashing down to the nearest one and watching the water during a storm.

No matter the season, I always enjoy looking at the rocks and there is always something new to notice.

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