Friday, August 26, 2016

Keeping Hope Alive

Since I finished the socks the other day I have been on the fence about what to start next. I have a couple of different tatting projects on the go, but those are going to be larger pieces that will take some time to do. I like to have different projects going at the same time so that I am not constantly repeating the same movements over and over again. I have a crocheted lace shawl that has about 10 rounds to go--last time I worked on that it took me a little over 2 hours to do a round! That has been set aside for the moment because it is too warm to have on my lap. I have some other projects planned, but those will also be big so I am waiting for cooler weather to start them. I have been planning some nice mohair socks for months now, but have put that project off, waiting for summer to be over.

It has been warm for the last couple of days and it was close (muggy) yesterday. Then we had a thunderstorm last night and it got cooler--cool enough that Bill grabbed a second wool blanket for the bed. Today it has been windy and bordering on chilly. My hope that we are at the start of a seasonal change deepened. I decided that in the interest of keeping that hopeful vibe going, I would start those socks, so I gathered the supplies I will need.

That is the cone of mohair I got in the charity shop a year and a half ago, on the first day we were in Killybegs. I paid 5 euro for it and so far I have made a bed jacket, a pair of slipper socks, and a brooch with it. Still plenty left on the cone. I will hold it with the Poems sock yarn and knit them together. That is what is left from another pair of socks I made and I have another ball of it. I am hoping to get two more pair of socks from what I have. To stretch that yarn, I will use it only on the heels and feet and use the scrap balls of green for the cuffs--it is a lovely, soft yarn that used to be a scarf/shawlette sort of thing. A friend found it in a thrift store and got it, even though it had a hole in it. I ripped it out and will reuse the wool. I would not use them for any part that will get walked on, but this will be perfect for the cuffs. For the heels and feet, the nylon in the sock yarn and the mohair will provide strength and help them wear longer. I love my socks with mohair--both the slipper socks and my crocheted socks with mohair toes--so nice and toasty. Who knows--maybe by the time I finish these, it will be cool enough to wear them!

We went out this morning to pick up a few groceries and noticed that the water was dark and rough on this windy, cloudy day--and the tide was high. We brought the groceries home and after lunch we went out for a walk. It was wonderful out there! The waves crashing against the rocks were loud. The wind was blowing. It was not quite chilly, but almost. The sky was grey and sometimes spitting. I felt so energized!

 When it is not high tide, there is a lot more beach down there!

Flowers are still blooming.
The light was changing constantly as we walked.

Here's hoping your day is energizing too :-) Happy Friday!


DJL said...

Dear Shari,
Love those pictures! And I am so glad for you (and a bit envious). Summer is hanging on here relentlessly, with every day at 90 degrees and lots of dead, humid air. My spirit is yearning for knitting and soups and baking bread but it feels forever away. I know just what you mean when you say you feel so refreshed by the temperature change. I'm hanging on for it!
Be well,

Shari Burke said...

Hi Dana,
I so hope that the heat leaves you soon and fall arrives! I am grateful that we live in a place where that kind of heat does not happen--or if it does it is only once in a great while! We have not seen it since we have been here. It is funny how we adjust though! In Fairbanks it was to the extreme cold. Here it is to the mild weather. 65 seems way too hot for me now and summers here seem way too long. I think it helps that it is not light between 4 am and 11 pm these days!

I am also looking forward to soup weather and I will be making a batch of muffins shortly--first batch in a long time.

I will hold a thought for autumn and sending it in your direction.

Keep hanging on! :-)