Monday, August 1, 2016

Embellishing Wild Woman

I had some fun today poking around in the collections of stuff we've brought home from the beach and embellishing a small quilt.

 It's about 5x7'' made of cotton fabric scraps, aida cloth, perle cotton, and cotton wadding (batting). I had fun gathering some pottery bits, a shell, a piece of sea glass and a pebble and then rearranging them until I had an arrangement I liked. Lots of possibilities--I have plenty more fabric, an abundance of stuff from the beach, and some new ideas wandering around in my head. I have been rummaging around in the fabric stash--there is a particular bit of pottery that will be used next in a very simple, smaller piece.

Bank holiday Monday here on the Emerald Isle. Hope your week has started off well, wherever you are :-)


Aritha said...

Never seen before. You have golden hands and great ideas!

Shari Burke said...

Thank you--you are very kind :-)