Friday, July 29, 2016

New Public Art by Young People

Sitting here feeling tired, a little clogged, with a scratchy throat, and hoping I will be able to read tonight. I have been having a heck of a time lately with these allergies--stuff is definitely in the air. It is still high weed pollen season, I think. Every time I am outside for more than a few minutes I end up with problems that start out mild and usually get worse. The daily allergy pill seems to not do much, but who knows what I would be like if I did not take it. I do not want to spend one more hour in bed with my eyes closed trying to shield them from the light. I have a book to finish! I will take a Benadryl soon and hopefully that will prevent things from getting worse--it has been working to get rid of the worst of the pain and pressure these last few days--at least enough so that I can keep my eyes open. Things are more manageable when I stay inside, but I can't do that every day and I like to go for a walk most days. Hopefully this weedy pollen season shall soon be behind me!

Last week when we were walking, we saw some young people working on their public artwork. When you head down the lane across from Market Square, you come to the playground, part of the green, the public toilets, a car park, and just where the lane meets the shore walk, the wee free library. It is a hill so the building with the toilets is up a ramp and there was empty wall space ready for them to create on. They did a great job!

The ice cream man came by and parked for a few minutes--got some customers too. He was returning for a second time as we were coming back and on our way home.

There were people in canoes, kayaks, and other boats enjoying the water.

I have enjoyed watching 'my' hill across the water as it changes with the seasons. Sometimes it is behind clouds, mist, or fog. When we got here it was just rocky, but now there are green patches on it. When we return home from days in Carndonagh or Buncrana, there is a moment when the bus goes around a curve and the hill comes into view. It always makes me smile because I know I am almost home.

As always, the view is pretty spectacular when I look up, too.

Some things left from days gone by:

We cut through the car park on our way home but we went out using the way in :-) 

It was a nice walk, but I am starting to cough, so I guess I will go take that Benadryl now before I go make supper. Happy Friday!

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