Monday, July 11, 2016


It had been a while since we'd gone to the 'other' beach that is on the outskirts of town and not part of the shore walk. We decided to stroll over after lunch to do a bit of beachcombing. Even though these beaches are not very far from one another, they are different. The ones along the shore walk have more kinds of rocks and shells. This beach has some of those, but more driftwood, sea glass, and pottery bits than we find at the other beaches. We brought home quite a nice haul today. I have ideas for some of this stuff already, but some will have to live with me for a while before it tells me what it wants to be.

We found some pottery bits with nice patterns.

Shells with beautiful texture and shape and a bunch of sea glass:

A few lovely rocks and a piece of something:

We have a family joke about bells, so I was laughing when I spotted this stone:

Found some beautiful pieces of wood that will be excellent for hanging things off of--I particularly liked the knob on the one piece.

There were even a few daisies blooming on the beach.

So many shapes and textures

It was not too hot and the sky was dramatic, as it so often is. Kayakers were out on the water, which was quite warm--at least in the shallows. The tide was in so there was less beach than there has been the other times we were here.

I was reminded once again today how lucky I am to live in this beautiful little spot on this beautiful little island on this beautiful planet.

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