Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Summer is Here

Summer has arrived. As always, I hope it will not last long. Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far. It was probably around 70 but felt hotter in the sun. We spent the afternoon walking around in Buncrana and as a result my evening was shot. Spent it in bed with a pounding head and upset stomach--not the first time the sun and heat have caused such problems for me and probably not the last! I was particularly annoyed because I wanted to finish the book I am reading!! Was glad to feel OK when I woke up today. Still sunny, but not as warm and here in Moville there has been a nice breeze all day. We started by making a visit to the fruit and veg guy who sets up his stall in Market Square every Tuesday. We got our produce, came home, unloaded that and stuck our Klean Kanteens in the backpacks to be filled at St Columbcille's well. The breeze was quite brisk on the shore walk and it was pleasant and comfortable in spite of the sun. The tide was high this morning. The water is so clear.

Flowers are blooming. The white flower is new, but the gorse has been blooming for a while.

Last week they did some patching of the walk and a wall. Someone decided to add a message.
As it was when we used to regularly walk the path by the River Robe in Ballinrobe, it is interesting to see the changes along the shore walk. There is always something new to notice and the landscape changes in subtle and more noticeable ways, depending on the weather, the light, the tide, and the season. I look forward to seeing the changes as the year goes on.

On the way back we saw a small bird on a big rock.

After we had returned home I looked up Lough Foyle and learned that it is home to many types of birds, fish, and plants, some of them rare. There is an ongoing territorial dispute! The UK has announced that they consider the whole of Lough Foyle to be UK territory, though they were gracious enough to concede that Ireland takes a rather different view on this matter! Pretty sure the birds and fish do not really care!

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