Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Going to the Other Side

We took our jaunt across the incredibly beautiful Inishowen Peninsula to Buncrana today. First we went walking on the segment of the heritage trail that meanders along the River Crana, starting where it spills into Lough Swilly, and ending up in Swan Park. The park is a small, narrow grassy area with some benches and a table or two--the land was donated by businessman Harry Swan and his wife, Sarah, to Buncrana for public use. It is a lovely spot.

As we headed for the wooded trail, we came across some memorial markers.

 Across the lane was a view across the river.

Above is Castle Bridge. At least part of the land that this trail runs through used to be the grounds of an O'Doherty chieftain.

From Castle Bridge there was a good view of the river.
Once you cross the bridge you enter a wooded area.

The sound of the river is a lovely accompaniment to the birdsong.

These small plaques were scattered throughout. The flowers were embedded on the armrest of various benches that were nestled into the hill alongside the path.

The tree plaques are embedded in the path.

Swan Park--I was standing on the path and I looked left at the Free Wee Library we had just passed (no, I did not take a book) and then I looked right at the Free Wee Library yet to come (where I still did not take a book, but Bill did). Here we also saw animal plaques--these were embedded in the walls.

We walked to the end of the path,which took us back to a main road. We decided to go back the way we had come because it was far nicer and much more peaceful on the path than it would have been on a sidewalk with traffic whizzing by!

After bidding the fairies farewell, we made our way back into town, picked up some stuff at Aldi, and waited for the bus home. It was a pleasant afternoon, but I am always so, so glad when we are home.


Laurie Graves said...

What a beautiful walk! Love the various plaques, and next time, I'm sure, you'll be on the look out for fairies.

Shari Burke said...

Yes! When in the woods, we always need to keep our eyes open for the fairies!! :-)