Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Killybegs to Sliabh Liag

We have landed in an incredibly beautiful section of the planet and yesterday we were blown away once again by the sheer awesomeness of it! We set out in the early afternoon on a tour. Our neighbour, Tim, has a birthday around now, so we went with him, Teresa, and Fergus to a wonderful little tea room in the nearby town of Kilcar where we had a delicious afternoon tea (well, Fergus waited in the car while we had tea, but was rewarded with smoked salmon afterwards!).

On our way there, we stopped at Fintra Beach so Fergus could work off some energy. It was so different from when I was there last week. The tide was much lower and it was a bright, sunny day.

Fergus was able to swim out to one of his favourite seaweed islands to play ball.
After we left the beach, we drove along the coast road to get to Kilcar.
After tea, we went on to Sliabh Liag, the tallest sea cliffs in Europe. Breathtaking. I really did just catch my breath and stand in awe. The photos do not do it justice, but here are some anyway.

To give you some sense of scale, you can see the boat in the sea--looked like a bathtub toy!

It was a beautiful day in many ways.

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