Thursday, May 21, 2015

Foggy and Rainy Day in May

We made our last trip from Ballinrobe to Killybegs a couple of weeks ago and have been settling in. We have not had much of a chance to get out and explore, since Bill still does not have the stamina he normally does. I also did not realize how tired I was--a few days after our arrival I went upstairs after supper thinking I would just lay on the bed and enjoy the view for a while. It was around 6 pm. I was melting into the bed, looking at the way the light was changing over the water and the hills beyond, noticing that there were sheep in a field, and thinking that I had not felt so relaxed in a long time. I thought about how great it was that I had nothing to pack, plan, or organize and I did not have to get up and out to catch a bus in the morning. I decided that perhaps I would change and crawl under the covers for a while, so by 6:45 I was comfortably snuggled under my wool blankets. Then I slept. The next thing I knew it was a couple of hours later and Bill had come up. I mumbled a few sentences to him and then I slept. At midnight I woke up feeling a bit dizzy, so I got up, made my way downstairs, and ate some yogurt before going back up to bed. Then I slept. At 9 am I woke up again and decided I had better get up. I'd slept for the better part of 14 hours! Guess I was really, really tired! In any case, we have stuff put away and are slowly stocking the freezer--a little bit at a time. We got our internet connection yesterday.We are becoming accustomed to our new normal.

Today we went out to make a few copies and drop something in the mail. There was a misty rain falling and it's foggy out there. One woman commented that, "It's really closed in today." Bill wasn't too thrilled about wandering around town in the rain, but I quite enjoyed it.

On our way out the door, I looked out the window:
The flowers really pop on days like this--both wild and in the planters.
Coming up on the harbour on the way into town:

We went to the tourist office, which is the only place in town to make copies since the library closed and we found a couple of books there that the woman at the B&B had told us about, so we bought them.
When we left, we saw boats of all sizes are anchored at the harbour:
 I stopped to look at the way the fog softened the landscape in the distance:

Bill stopped to take some photos in spite of the misty rain:
A bird dropped something near the post office:
After we mailed our paperwork we headed toward home:
Now our errands are done and it's a nice afternoon for tea, yarn, and reading. It has been a pleasant day so far here in Killybegs and I hope it's the same wherever you find yourself today!

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