Friday, February 10, 2012

Today, the Cardiologist

So today we went back to the hospital for a blood test and a visit with the cardiologist.  Happily, the cardiologist he saw in the hospital was on vacation, so he saw the other guy today.  This guy is better--he answers questions clearly, patiently, and adequately.  When he told Bill to make another appointment for a month from now, he said it could be with him or the other guy.  Bill chose him.  I'm glad. 

Things seem to be going well.  The lab is amazing.  We took the bus there and Bill went off for the blood test.  he was done by 1:15.  When we got to Dr Lawrence's office at 2, Nurse Joan already had the results.  Bill's INR was high this time--4.  Needs to be between 2 and 3, so doc wanted him to take half a dose of coumadin today, a full dose tomorrow, and to alternate like that until he says otherwise.  Bill will go for another blood test on Monday and then the office will call and let him know how to proceed with the coumadin and when the next blood test should be--we've been consistently told that things will be sort of irregular like this at first.  He has to go in for another occupational therapy appointment on Monday anyway.

Bill had another EKG because his heartbeat was still irregular.  We were told at the beginning of this process that it is likely to remain that way, since it has probably been like that for years, so is unlikely to reverse itself now.  We were also told that people live without problems with this condition.  Since his heart rate and blood pressure were good, we were happy.  So we had another good report from the docs.  Yay!

We walked home again today and Bill felt much less tired than he did yesterday.  We actually walked farther than we did yesterday because we had to stop at the pharmacy to get a pill cutter. 

Tomorrow, we do not have to go anywhere.  Thank goodness!!!

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