Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Couple of Steps in the Right Direction

Bill went back to work this morning. After the occupational therapist told him on Monday that she thought he was OK to drive, we went for a test run yesterday to the library, where I ended up with 6 of my 8 hold requests being in--of course they all come in at once (I am not complaining!!!)!  He felt fine driving, so this morning it was back into the routine as he went off to work.  He left work an hour early to go see the speech therapist and I met him there.  We had been told that she saw no reason to see him as an outpatient, but then he got a call yesterday saying there was an order for an appointment there, so since he had to see the physical therapist this afternoon anyway, he decided to do the speech thing just before that.  I spoke to her after the appointment and she was quite enthusiastic in saying that he was doing great and she would only see him once or twice more.  I had been wondering what she would do because there has been a huge improvement since she last saw him over two weeks ago.

After the speech therapist he went to physical therapy where they did some evaluation.  He scored 56 out of a possible 56 and the therapist said, "I really don't think there is anything I can do for you."  She said that if he wanted to come in, he could, but she thought he did not need to have any more appointments.  He cancelled the appointments that had been made for him for the next month.  So he is done with physical therapy even before it started--this was his first appointment.  He has another one or two with the occupational therapist and the same with the speech therapist.  Hopefully they will get his coumadin dose regulated over the next few weeks and we will not be going there as much.  Not that the people are not wonderful.  They are so nice and I found myself sitting there in the waiting area tatting and smiling.  I caught myself smiling and thought how odd it was that I should feel so comfortable in a hospital.  I have to say that they do a remarkable job there.

So he has had a long day--he left for work before 8 this morning and we got home at 3:15.  He has not taken a nap and he is doing well--his stamina is improving a little each day.  Here's to normal life!!

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